Keynote in PyCon Italia, 2023

My friend Dr. Brett Canon, CPython Core Dev, once said, "Came for the language and stayed for the community." It is a little different for me. I Came for the community and stayed for the love of it.

I joined the open source community as a lawyer to up my legal skills. Instead, I am now a community member who knows law.

My journey in the Open Source world has been a sail of happiness, tears, achievements, sweats, and more than anything os dreams. A dream of something which I never saw any of my friends, let alone achieving but even dreaming. Honestly, I do not consider my story to be unique, but some people think otherwise. What do you think? You can figure it out for yourself. I will be talking about this in my keynote at PyCon Italia, 2023.

I will be talking about stories, my favorite PyLadies,Python for Everyone program and how an innocent piece of technology and small initiatives from and by the community can alter the lives of real people.

Join us in PyCon Italia, 2023, for 4 days of learning, togetherness, fun, and, not to forget, good food. See you all there.

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