Ansible 7.5.0 is out now

Since I moved to Stockholm, I hated the weather more than the practice behavior of the Sun. But today, it did some good; it woke me up at 4:40 and felt like 7:00, so I started working. And what a productive day it was :).

I have been doing Ansible Release for three months, and before that, I was shadowing Christian to learn more about the process. But today was special. Today, I did two releases on the same day, Ansible 7.5.0 and Ansible 8.0.0a2. It is the second Alpha of the Ansible 8 series.


I did the Ansible 7.5.0 release first. It is the Ansible stable release. You can read the complete Changelog here

You can install it via pip.

pip install ansible==7.5.0 --user

Ansible 8.0.0a2 was my next target.
You can read our Roadmap for the Ansible 8 release cycle here and the Changelog here.

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