Upgraded my blog to Ghost 2.6

I have been maintaining my blog. It is a self hosted Ghost blog, where I have my theme as Casper, the Ghost default. In the recent past, September 2018, Ghost has updated its version to 2.0. Now it is my time to update mine.

It is always advisable to test it before running it into production server. I maintain a stage instance for the same. I test any and all the changes there before touching the production server. I did the same thing here also.

I have exported Ghost data into a Json file. For the ease to read I have prettified the file. I removed the old database and started the container for the new Ghost. I reimported the data into the new Ghost using the json file.

I had another problem to solve, the theme. I used to have Casper as my theme. But the new look of it, is something I do not like for my blog, which is predominantly a text blog. I was unable to fix the same theme for the new Ghost. Therefore I chose to use Attila as my theme. I did some modifications, uploaded and enabled it for my blog. A huge gratitude to the Ghost community and the developers, it was a real smooth job.

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