PyLadies India June meetup

We, PyLadies, have started our journey for quite a sometime now. Every year since 2016, we are growing in numbers and chapters. Currently, we have eight active chapters and counting. The COVID pandemic has somehow stopped our course of having physical meetups. But on a brighter note, the situation has opened up a new opportunity for us—the chance to be united. Therefore we, the PyLadies groups in India, have decided that we are going to have one collective meetup every month.

This month we are having our PyLadies India meetup on 20th June 2020, coming Saturday at 8 pm. I will be talking about who we are, PyLadies India, and explain our course of action.

Our very own Marriata Wijaya. Apart from being the first woman Python Core Developer, she wears many hats she is Vancouver PyLadies co-organizer, and one of the founding members of the PyCascades conference, as a day job she works as a software engineer at Zapier. She will be taking a session on PyLadies Global and what lies in the future for us. After these introductory sessions to PyLadies comes the exciting part where Mariatta will take a hands-on session [“Tutorial on Github bot”](github bot tutorial:

The session will be hosted at our PyLadies India channel, offering the attendees an active Q&A session. Also, follow us on Twitter, and Instagram to get more information about the event. Want to talk to us? Join our Slack channel where we all hover around.

So do not miss to tune to PyLadies India youtube channel on coming Saturday, 20th June, at 8 pm. See you all there.

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