Opening up Ansible release to the community

Transparency, collaboration, inclusivity, and openness lay the foundation of the Open Source community. As the project's maintainers, few of our tasks make the entry bar of contribution low, collaboration easy, and the governance model fair. Ansible Community Engineering Team always thrives on these purposes through our different endeavors.

Ansible has historically been released by Red Hat employees. We planned to open up the release to the community. And I was asked about that. My primary goal was releasing Ansible, which should be dull and possible for the community. This was my first time dealing with Github actions. There is still a lot to learn. But we are there now.

The Release Management working group started releasing the Ansible Community package using GitHub Actions workflow from Ansible version 9.3.0 . The recent 9.4.0 release has also been released following the same workflow.

Thank you Felix Fontein, Maxwell G, Sviatoslav Sydorenko and Toshio for helping out in shaping the workflow with you valuable feedback, doing the actual release and giving answers to my enumerable queries.

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