Fedora Project and me

I was introduced with Fedora back in the year 2012. My laptop was formatted and since then I am using Fedora.
Initially I was hesitant to use Fedora. Being from a complete non technical background I had this idea that Linux and other free software things are very difficult to use, one has to have a very sound technical knowledge and above average technical intelligence to understand it. And as I considered myself I had none of the aforementioned. So I have kept a safe distance from it.
On 28th January 2012 my life took a turn. The then onward I got reintroduced with Linux and other free software things and was introduced with Fedora. To my utmost surprise saw that it was rather easy than difficult. I started my journey with Fedora 16 and now I have Fedora 20 running on my laptop. In these two years I not only am comfortably using Fedora I am also suggesting people to use it cause its easy, first, user friendly and moreover a free software. Meanwhile I have attended some of the events and conferences related to open source such as Pycon Bangalore.
I wrote my dissertation for Master of Laws using Spinx and restructured text. The result came awesome my dissertation looks superb just like a law book fresh out of printing. Some of my classmates thought that I have printed the whole dissertation (which is almost 1000 pages) none of them actually believed that I have done it in my laptop, siting at the corner of my room using two super amazing tools called Spinx and restructured text. This made me realize that this will be as helpful to my fellow Advocate friends also as it is to me.
I want to contribute to the community. This year during FOSSASIA in 2014 I have attended talks given my Gonkii on Fedora A-Z and How to contribute to fedora among  other talks. I have also attended the workshops on the same. I realized that I found my way to contribute to the community. I have applied for the Ambassadorship in Fedora and Tuanta is my mentor. Right now I am reading the wiki to understand the different parts of the project in a better way.

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