Euro Python 2024

It is July, and it is time for Euro Python, and 2024 is my first Euro Python. Some busy days are on the way. Like every other conference, I have my diary, and the conference days are full of various activities.


Day 0 of the main conference

After a long time, I will give a legal talk. We are going to dig into some basics of Intellectual Property. What is it? Why do we need it? What are the different kinds of intellectual property? It is a legal talk designed for developers. So, anyone and everyone from the community with previous knowledge can understand the content and use it to understand their fundamental rights and duties as developers.Intellectual Property 101, the talk is scheduled at 11:35 hrs.

Day 1 of the main conference

Day 1 is PyLadies Day, a day dedicated to PyLadies. We have crafted the day with several different kinds of events. The day opens with a self-defense workshop at 10:30 hrs. PyLadies, throughout the world, aims to provide and foster a safe space for women and friends in the Python Community. This workshop is an extension of that goal. We will learn how to deal with challenging, inappropriate behavior.
In the community, at work, or in any social space. We will have a trained Psychologist as a session guide to help us. This workshop is so important, especially today as it was yesterday and may be in the future (at least until the enforcement of CoC is clear). I am so looking forward to the workshop. Thank you, Mia, Lias and all the PyLadies for organizing this and giving shape to my long-cherished dream.

Then we have my favorite part of the conference, PyLadies Lunch. I crafted the afternoon with a little introduction session, shout-out session, food, fun, laughter, and friends.

After the PyLadies Lunch, I have my only non-PyLadies session, which is a panel discussion on Open Source Sustainability. We will discuss the different aspects of sustainability in the open source space and community.

Again, it is PyLady's time. Here, we have two sessions.

[IAmRemarkable](, to help you learn to empower you by celebrating your achievements and to fight your impostor syndrome. The workshop will help you celebrate your accomplishments and improve your self-promotion skills.

The second session is a 1:1 mentoring event, Meet & Greet with PyLadies. Here, the willing PyLadies will be able to mentor and be mentored. They can be coached in different subjects, starting with programming, learning, things related to job and/or career, etc.

Birds of feather session on Release Management of Open Source projects

It is an open discussion related to the release Management of the Open Source ecosystem.
The discussion includes everything from a community-led project to projects maintained/initiated by a big enterprise, a project maintained by one contributor to a project with several hundreds of contributor bases. What are the different methods we follow regarding versioning, release cadence, and the process itself? Do most of us follow manual processes or depend on automated ones? What works and what does not, and how can we improve our lives? What are the significant points that make the difference? We will discuss and cover the following topics: release management of open source projects, security, automation, CI usage, and documentation. In the discussion, I will share my release automation journey with Ansible. We will follow Chatham House Rules during the discussion to provide the space for open, frank, and collaborative conversation.

So, here comes the days of code, collaboration, and community. See you all there.

PS: I miss my little Py-Lady volunteering at the booth.

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