Dgplug summer training, 2022

dgplug summer training 2022 will start at 13:00 UTC, 25th July. This is our 15th edition. Following our tradition, we have updated and modified our training based on the feedback from the old participants and community at large. There shall be more experiments for the betterment during this year’s training as well.

What are we going to do this (late) summer?

Together we will learn how to become an upstream contributor in the Free and Open Source community. The prime focus for summer training is always communication. We will learn how to efficiently use this basic skill to perform the technical tasks on hand. At the same time we shall dig into the ethical side of the technology. Helping people to learn about security and privacy (both as contributor & as a responsible part of the human race) is at very core of our training. One can read more about the training in general from the FAQ.

Who all can be a part of the training?

Anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of the Free and Open Source community can join our training. We have people from variant educational, age, geographical background in all our previous training editions. So, we expect the same and more diverse people this year as well.

What to expect when you come to the training?

Dgplug Summer Training is not a boot camp. The only promise we do make to attendees that together we will learn how to become an upstream contributor and give back to the community.

Experience of past attendees

“Learn and teach others” is our moto. People who once were attendees are now mentors. Here are some memoir of our past attendees :

It is worthwhile read on and about our journey from the mentors’ point of view as well.

Future updates

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See you all on 25th of July, 2022 at 13:00 UTC at #dgplug channel at Libera.chat on IRC.

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