See you PyLadies at PyCon India

PyCon India 2016 has started today. The Day 0 was the devsprint. Reached the venue late ( actually never thought would be able to attend due to my food pipe infection issue). Met friends which is one of the most attractive point of attending the conference apart from learning new things and other. Checked the Red Hat booth where we, PyLadies will be standing. Made preparations and plans regarding the set up. Discussed plans for the conference with other PyLadies. I have already asked them to give some lighting talks about what they have learnt and what do we do in PyLadies Pune since I have rebooted the PyLadies Pune Chapter.

Tomorrow there will be my talk on PyPI Licensing Scenario. This year's PyCon, we will be having a good number of PyLadies attending the conference. Meet us, Trishna Guha, Nisha Menon Poyarekar,Rupali Talwatkar,Pooja Yadav at PyCon beside Red Hat booth. This is for the first time I left Py(my 21 months old daughter) at home. Hopefully this PyCon will turn out to be a worthwhile experience. I know Nisha Menon Poyarekar has the same feeling. So, see you at PyCon India, 2016.

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